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Frigidare Chest Freezers

frigidare chest freezers

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frigidare chest freezers - Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW

Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW Gallery 24.9 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White

Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW Gallery 24.9 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White

The FGCH25M8LW Frigidaire Large 24.9 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer has an adjustable temperature control with a large 24.9 cu. ft. capacity. APPEARANCELid HandleCAPACITY24.9 Cu Ft CapacityFREEZER COMPARTMENT3 Store-More™ Lift Out Storage BasketsAdjustable Temperature ControlSpaceWise™ Organization SystemCONVENIENCE FEATURESLock with Pop-Out KeyPower On LightBright Interior LightingENERGY/POWEREnergy Star®MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY1 Year Limited Parts and LaborDIMENSIONS35" H x 29 1/2" D x 73 1/4" W74" Minimum Space

83% (8)

chest bump

chest bump

still very grey here and in a have photographers-block!

this series was taken the other day at golden acre when i was out on a photo walk with ‘andrew rickmann’ i was initially really panicking as i thought the two drakes were stuck together!

i thought somehow they had got something sticky on them, then somehow got stuck together! - i was trying to think of ways of throwing my coat over them and trying to get them to a vet or something!!

they were bumped-up chest to chest and not separating just attacking each other!

after a few minutes they separated – and they had just been having a barny!

then another two started doing it a bit further on, iv seen mallards fighting before, but never seen this odd fighty-dance behaviour! the snow has gone and they had plenty of food – so not sure what it was all about!


Chest of Unfathomable Treasures

Chest of Unfathomable Treasures

I have no idea what this old chest once contained, or was meant to contain. Gold maybe? Or perhaps something more valuable, such as the secret to happiness or pornographic magazines. It could also be that gold and porn, contrary to popular belief, is the secret to happiness. Thus, I have made up my mind. This chest once contained (or was meant to contain) gold and porn, hence making its owner a really happy fellow. If you don't agree, you're just being cynical. Or worse: a prude.

frigidare chest freezers

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