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buy chest freezer

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The Kegerator/Cooler

The Kegerator/Cooler

This is our new kegerator/cooler. Since it is kept inside the house, we bought a black one so that it wouldn't look so much like a chest freezer. We have decided not to add taps on the top (or front) since we have little kids. Shannon, who is only 5, already knows how to open a beer and I knew how to pour beer from a tapped keg when I was 4 ... so .. extra caution seems like a wise parenting decision here. It also has a lock on the front. Both for the kids and for us. ;)

proofread your nuts!

proofread your nuts!

There's a saying seen on signs at craft bazaars, which is supposed to motivate people to buy the cute junk: You could make this at home, but would you? In this particular case, if I was so motivated (which I'm not) I would -- a piece of yarn, a chestnut from the neighbor's tree that was dragged over by a squirrel, and the text of this sign spelled correctly. How do you expect people to pay $4 for your nuts in a thong if your presentation looks like this?

buy chest freezer

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