Mini Fridge Shelf

mini fridge shelf

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new room for the girls

new room for the girls

I got the shelves on sale last week, and the inside was this ugly pink.. (I never did like pink much) so I decided that I'm gonna redo it. And so this past Sat. I picked up a roll of wooden pattern contact paper, which almost enough. Only the last shelve at the bottom that didn't get the treatment, but it can wait. I think.

so, it's 1 roll of contact paper, 4 plate mats 2 of which were thin plastic with a bit of texture. I took apart the shelves, and then put printout of the pattern on the side for the top shelve, and I lined the floor with strips of contact paper (I wanted to look like a hardwood floor) the shelve looked wider and brighter.. I also got a small LED light thing, it's not that bright, but it does the job.. so now, the girl has a sort of livingroom.. LOL.

Michie : What are you doing?

Taylor : Smelling his ear.

Closet Kitchen

Closet Kitchen

My kitchen is literally in the closet when you walk in the front door. On the left is a sink and overstuffed shelves with a variety of cluttered cooking implements. (I love how half the stuff in there can't be used on the hob or in the oven anyway.) One the right is a small oven (like a fancy toaster oven), a one pot induction hob (AKA burner for the Americans), a toaster, a blender and stack of plates and dishes. There is a minifridge under the toaster/hob/oven shelf.

I'd clean it out and organize it into something more useful, but I'm not staying here long enough (only 2 more weeks) to make it worth my while. I just make do for now, and yes I DO cook in it!

mini fridge shelf

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